Thursday, February 07, 2008

Pattern recognition

Brain is a pattern recognition machine. Different people see different patterns throughout the day. How come, some patterns are remembered while others forgotten. The simple answer could be that patterns one see repeatedly tend to sink in the brain(as if going towards the root) while others are just lost. That is why we have experts in various fields. Ordinary people see patterns in the field of their choice and once they sink in, experts are born.

Want to check out your expertise?
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You will notice even though the words are jumbled you are not having a lot of trouble reading it. Think how brain is processing the information.

Sometimes, in this busy world, people who are climbing ladders (corporate, family, religion) want to reach a spot faster. But climbing ladders is nothing more than recognizing patterns. How fast your brain sinks in the new patterns will define the speed of ascent.

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