Friday, February 22, 2008

Definition of 'DONE'

Done, finished, caboose, end are said in the context of a task on hand. One says done means the task or functionality(in the Software Development) is completed. I decided to take a look at this differently.

How about thinking it like this : A task is done when you are not needed anymore to perform the same or similar task again. For example, the task of vacuum cleaning. Once you have vacuum cleaned every place you want to and felt that all the dirt has been sucked in, you get the feeling of finishing something. While from our new perspective, we will say that task is temporarily done because in a few days you will be performing it again. But in case you decide to buy Roomba (a robot vacuum cleaner) the task is really done.

Take life for example, living as a task is done when you are dead. We never say that at every birthday one has accomplished living for this year and will again accomplish it next year.

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