Thursday, March 13, 2008

Boundaries -- set us free

Liberty is a concept that gives us a sense of what we want to do. But this freedom is not universal, it is actually bound by unseen entities (e.g. law). In any given system, participants co-operate with each other if the boundaries are very well defined. If there are no boundaries, one may not even know where he wants to go.

The best innovation is achieved when a bunch of creative people are BOUND to perform in certain limits. All the while they are given illusion of utmost freedom. Jim Collins, in his book Good to Great, mentioned how certain companies, after laying out the boundaries excelled in innovation, customer service, operations etc. by letting their management and people free.

Dawkins also has mentioned a tough a question about death. If the boundary created by death was not imposed on life, competition to evolve to next level would have been chaotic. This thin line of boundary which lets one have a feeling of freedom is missed by many of us in general. It is these thin lines once we become aware of will lead us to our own personal evolution.

In any given system (including human being), foundation on which it is developed defines the boundaries. Kevin Kelly, in The Myth of Leapfrogging, "wanted to believe the hope that new lite green digital technology could leap over old dirty technology". But he also mentions that leapfrogging in the true sense of "skip over" didn't happen. It is the requirement to have a foundation based on old technology, which will define what new technology(ies) will become available shows that boundaries are present. One country or region just can't be free to skip over the old technology.

One should not take the freedom for granted but value the boundaries in which that freedom has been gifted.

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