Wednesday, January 30, 2008


After much wait, I have finally decided to start using this arena to jot my thoughts down. To start with, just a little background. I live in Flower Mound(suburb Dallas) with my wife and two daughters (read monkeys).

I am a Software Developer. Apart from writing code, I like to read books, watch TV(Sports) and play games(all kinds). Recently, I read The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins. This is a life changing book for me. The way he has explained evolution and the need for it looks like a game theory tutorial. Evolution, according to Dawkins, should be viewed as gene centric rather than from the perspective of a species or individual. Dawkins has explained every aspect of evolution -- be it relationships among human beings or the purpose of the individual. The simplicity with which he conveys the complex biological processes taking place is remarkable.

Dawkins starts with a gene eye view of the world and mechanisms that led us here. After explaining all the aspects of life through the gene's eye, he ends the book with a thought exercise involving Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma and Memes. Memes like genes are "immortal". He has also given a preview of a long reach gene has on the environment (similar to memes) which I think is explained in his other book -- The Extended Phenotype.

Dawkins views -- as I understood them -- don't relate much to the spiritual part of the human being. Those who may find it offensive should read the book at their own risk. Still for those who maintain an open mind can give it a shot and see the world from the gene's eye.

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