Friday, May 30, 2008

Change is not constant

Recently, I finished reading "Who moved my Cheese?". The author has clearly explained that things around us change all the time and we should adapt to them. Because of the complexity with which our brain processes information, we become change averse. While reading, I remembered that someone once said that only constant thing in our lives is change.

According to Prof. Hal R. Varian of UC, Berkley, information is growing at 66 percent. This fact in itself makes 'growth of knowledge' exponential. With growth of knowledge, brains will certainly be stimulated and some smart people will try to bring about change. (Think about how internet and Google changed our lives). With so much knowledge being a click away, how can people not see the change occurring around them. But I feel that some of the change is too hidden(slow) for humans to perceive.
On these lines, one can try an experiment by having some water in a glass at room temperature. Even though evaporation is happening all the time but we can perceive it only after considerable amount of water has evaporated.

The change I am talking about is not the slow change, it is a wave that is sweeping across the globe as Prof. Varian mentioned. It is the change some of us have already accepted like the technology penetration that we have allowed in our lives. With knowledge increasing exponentially, the waves of new technology is coming at much faster pace and within increasingly short intervals.

Having said that, I will come to my point that any new change around us will come at lesser cost than the previous change. Thus, change in itself becomes exponential and not constant.

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